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Thrice “The Dark”



    One of my favorite bands, Thrice, just released their new      album, “Palms.”  After listening to the whole record from beginning to finish, I found my favorite song, “The Dark.”  I always hope that there will be at least one that sticks out to me.  Well, this is that one.  As a musician and songwriter, my ears are in tune for all the different layers of sound and production in each song.  However, when you find that song, it’s like all your intellect and thought processes get silenced as your awareness becomes taken away into something bigger than itself.  It’s almost like you get ‘caught up,’ you’re taken somewhere else, and lost in the music.  To me, that is the end goal when you write music:  to help others be inspired, experience rapturous moments of peaceful serenity, and escape into Utopia.

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The Purpose of Suffering

This passage I’m sharing inspires and challenges me deeply.
May Christine’s words so impact you…

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Unworthy by Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Sometimes you come across a song and you can’t explain it but it moves your soul in such a beautiful way.  As a singer and songwriter, I live for these moments.  And the beauty of these moments is once they are captured, you can relive them over and over.  Unworthy by Vancouver Sleep Clinic is one of these.
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Pottery Instagram

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“Youth” by Daughter (cover by Rebekah Dove)

How To Be (Poem by Rebekah Dove)

Embracing the unknown

This path laced with thorns

Leaving but bloody traces behind

Withholding not my love

Forging the way ahead

While darkness floods my view

Barely whispers of prayers echo in the silence

Salty tears rain soft down each cheek

Never ceasing this heartache underneath

Casting off regrets and haunting memories

Letting go of what could be

Hoping yet in the wake of this storm

Despite the war raging inside me

Doubt battles relentlessly

Forlorn dreams dashed without rhyme or reason

Yet still do I press on

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Brand new single released!

Just a quick update:
I have been working on a solo project on and off for the past couple years.  This is one of many songs I have been working on and look forward to releasing as singles, for now.  It’s amazing all the different hats you wear when you are a musician.  I like to devote my undivided attention to one project at a time, however life doesn’t always allow for such simplicity. Continue reading “Brand new single released!”

Dear Charleston

Can you really fall in love with a city?
With sunsets such as these?

Charleston is for Lovers
Lovers just like me

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“Restless Nights” Poem


Restless I lie sleeping awake

Formidable thoughts ponder in my quake

Forging ideas round and round in my brain

Never quiet, never silent this never-ending train

Why all this constant rattle?

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