This is by far one of my favorite jazz songs.  No matter how many times I hear it or sing it, it never gets old.  I love those kind of songs–the kind that get you in your soul.

You may never know why.  “Summertime” written by George & Ira Gershwin is a simple song written for the novel which turned into a famous opera, “Porgy & Bess.”  Nothing particularly deep or special in the lyrics, but the movement of the song is powerful and moving.  And I wonder if because the lyrics are so simple, we can all relate to it.  Yet there is a message behind the simplicity.  It’s funny as I recall the first time I learned this song.  I didn’t grow up listening to jazz and had never seen “Porgy & Bess.”  Yet trying to find the original versions of a jazz song is tricky and sometimes hard to sort through.  I like to hear the original version before hearing the popular versions of it.  So, I sorted my way to the original song as it was written for the opera.  I gleaned the tune, listened to Ella Fitzgerald’s version and proceeded to sing the song with my own unique style.  Without further adieu,  I hope you enjoy it and subscribe to my youtube channel for more.