What is it about some songs that you just keep playing on repeat?
This is the one on my repeat playlist right now.
Ben Howard is one of those artists I stumbled upon from related artists to Daughter.  And Daughter is one of my top favorite artists right now.

Anyways, this music video is strange to watch and listen to for the first time, but if you like the song on it’s own then I recommend giving it a listen to this music video (which I attached below).  It gives a new dimension to the song.  It is very strange and abstract.  I really love it.  I can’t really pinpoint why it is that I like this song so much.  But that’s one of the things I love about music, words fail to express the deep emotions our souls experience.  Words to music though, wow, is something beyond us that we all seem to grasp for.  It’s like music is pure and true expression of the soul.  Music sung from the depth of the searching, yearning soul seems to transcend what words fail to say.  It’s so beautiful.  I’m so thankful to be surrounded by such amazing souls who can find ways to express what my soul couldn’t seem to find words for.