The art of making the perfect omelet…

Is your mouth watering yet?  I’ve been enjoying putting my creativity behind making these omelets for breakfast/brunch as of late.  Tell me what is more satisfying than making edible art?  The benefits soothe your growling stomach, awaken your taste buds, & paint a colorful palate of spices/sauces.  One of the challenges in cooking is to watch the calorie count without sacrificing taste.  I mean I know that when you’re watching your calorie count you should take out the egg yolks.  Yuck!  Who really enjoys the taste of egg white only anything?  The flavor of the egg is in the yolk, and I think definitely worth the extra calories.  After working in a family owned cafe, I learned how to make all kinds of things.  Making the perfect omelet is the one that I most frequently practice though.  When I’m not counting my calories, banana and nutella crepes is one of my favorites.  OMG!!  They are absolutely divine;)  I digress….back to making the perfect omelet.  First off, you need the right kind of skillet.  I use a stainless steel, medium sized skillet.  After enough reviews about how bad Teflon (non-stick) pans are for you and seeing it flake off while cooking, I had to toss those suckers out.  I only cook with stainless steel pans now.  They are bit more tricky to cook with because they stick if you don’t let them heat up properly and use an oil spray before adding your food.  However, they will last in the long run.  Next, you prepare whatever kind of vegetables you want to go in your omelet.  For this particular omelet, I chopped up onion, garlic, broccoli, and a red potato.  Cooking your veggies with water instead of oil is a healthier and effective substitute.  After being cooked, I added paprika, black pepper, garlic powder & fresh oregano to the mix.  Placing the veggies into a serving dish, I then reheated the skillet and added an olive oil spray.  Then you scramble three eggs and cook it over medium heat.  I tend to use four as I split the omelet with my husband, but three eggs are the perfect omelet ratio.  As you see it bubbling and starting to thicken, use a spatula to detach the outside edges of the omelet from the pan.  As you swirl the pan to see if it is ready to flip, look for the amount of liquid still running on the top.  Once it is manageable, use the spatula to loosen the omelet and either flip it with or without the use of the spatula.  My favorite is to flip it in the air.  My beagle must like this best as well, as she eagerly awaits nearby in case I miss.  She loves eggs as she wiggles her cute little nose in the air.  Okay after the omelet is flipped, I turn the heat off and add two slices of cheese.  (I know if you’re watching calories, cheese should be omitted but the omelet just doesn’t taste as good without!)  We had the deli Swiss slices in this particular omelet.  On top of the cheese, I add the awaiting veggies.  I like to save a little bit to top off the omelet for a more artful presentation.  I also add more veggies than most people do so my four egg omelet is full and can only fold over once.  In a perfect three egg omelet, you only add enough veggies to still be able to fold the omelet under twice.  Add any remainder veggies on top of the omelet and it is complete!  If you like a little more spice to your palate, you can drizzle your favorite hot sauce on top as I did.  

Bon appetite!