Restless I lie sleeping awake

Formidable thoughts ponder in my quake

Forging ideas round and round in my brain

Never quiet, never silent this never-ending train

Why all this constant rattle?

The body wrestles with the mind in this endless battle

Light streams into my view

Daylight has overtaken my slumbering stew

Will my weary eyes forgo this measure?

Or will the point of exhaustion take over this soul’s tormented pleasure?

Yielding the body to the blissful rest it needs

Satisfying its demanding feeds

Fear not what the day may come

Tomorrow is anew with promises, hear them hum

Harnessing in the desires of the few

Furnishing their delights anew

Forgetting the past, while never letting go

Forgiving yourself, painstakingly so

Loving who you are despite the pain

Rejection is a bitter and vicious game

Withholding not the hope in love

Surrendering yourself to the power yielded above

Restless and feelings of incomplete

Prick my soul to ever speak

Awakened by the sense of urgency

Fighting the peace I seek

Oh, these restless nights and their endless peaks