Just a quick update:
I have been working on a solo project on and off for the past couple years.  This is one of many songs I have been working on and look forward to releasing as singles, for now.  It’s amazing all the different hats you wear when you are a musician.  I like to devote my undivided attention to one project at a time, however life doesn’t always allow for such simplicity.

I wrote “Memories” years ago, but the arrangement didn’t come together until just a few years ago.  I remember writing this song and trying to express the loss of love and friendship that I had just come out of.  This song came out more like a sweet lament than the tragic feelings I was reeling from.  But just like when I throw clay on the pottery wheel, something new is created.  That’s what I love about the arts, even if it’s not what I originally intended in my mind, something of my soul needed to be expressed in a new and different way.

When trying to figure out how to visualize this song, I had multiple ideas run through my head.  But through many attempts, I persevered with the music visualization I was able to personalize to my song.  Just as memories are sometimes forlorn and warped in our heads, these weird and mesmerizing images capture what it’s like when we remember.  Things aren’t always so clearly defined or portrayed in our minds.  They are bound outside of time and mesh with the experiences we feel and colored by our perceptions and multi-faceted filters.  They weave in and out of reality to what we remember and linger as our memories.

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