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A Beautiful Read

Like many of us in the wake of the Orlando massacre, my daughter, a former patron and fan of the club, has been reeling and weeping. Her fear and sorrow only escalated when mutual friends share d with her the snapchat of an acquaintance, Amanda Alvear, a girl the same age, now listed among the 49 dead. […]

via A Young Lesbian’s Letter to Her Mother After the Orlando Massacre — The Gloria Sirens


Deep Thoughts To Ponder

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Take a Listen…

What is it about some songs that you just keep playing on repeat?
This is the one on my repeat playlist right now.
Ben Howard is one of those artists I stumbled upon from related artists to Daughter.  And Daughter is one of my top favorite artists right now. Continue reading “Take a Listen…”

“Summertime”Jazz Duo

This is by far one of my favorite jazz songs.  No matter how many times I hear it or sing it, it never gets old.  I love those kind of songs–the kind that get you in your soul.

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White Crackle and Copper Raku –2 Piece Set


This raku piece is another one of my favorites.

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“Harvest Hues” original artwork by Rebekah Dove


“Harvest Hues” is a mixed media 16″ x 20″ on canvas original piece. Continue reading ““Harvest Hues” original artwork by Rebekah Dove”

Maroon and Brown Artistic Centerpiece Bowl with Glass

This is one of my favorite pieces. Continue reading “Click on the picture to buy this Beautiful Centerpiece on my new Etsy Store!!”

Video song cover “This is Life”

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